Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about the great things we are doing at Animals Healing People-Therapeutic, Inc. (AHP).

Did you know that all across the country, there are thousands of sweet, compassionate pets perishing in shelters when there are also thousands of people who would truly benefit from the comfort and companionship these animals can bring?

We consider AHP to be a ministry of sorts- improving the lives of God’s creatures- both human and animal. We do this by bringing together a person who is suffering from stress due to a physical or emotional disability and who can benefit from the companionship and comfort of an animal that needs human care, basically healing each other with love and kindness.


Our main mission is to place appropriate shelter pets with those who will benefit from such a lifetime partnership. We first identify a potential recipient, then contact them personally, and in their presence complete our application for a pet (which requires the signature of their medical advisor to confirm the appropriateness of this type therapy). In the next step we assist them in the selection and then perform the final placement of the animal.

We like to think of ourselves as patriotic Americans. Kentucky is the home of two major military installations, Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell. We offer the opportunity to bring light into the dark cloud hovering over many of our wounded veterans through the use of animal therapy.

Being part of this organization means being part of a truly noble cause and helping to improve the lives of other people, not to mention the lives of the shelter animals they adopt. You can get involved with Animals Healing People and be part of this great mission by volunteering, making a donation or simply spreading the word about our organization. Today, why don’t you click the link below and sign up for our newsletter? We’ll send you cool newsletters and updates. I promise we won’t fill your inbox with a ton of junk and we will never sell your information to anyone, ever.

Join us today in making your world a kinder gentler place to live.255433299_d05863bcac_oWith Heartfelt Thanks,

Roger Biesel
Founder & CEO
Animals Healing People-Therapeutic, Inc.